Our 9 month adventure comes to an end... sort of

We finished off the last month of our nine month journey heading south to beach town Cha-am, then to Kuala Lumpur to dogsit a nineteen year old chihuahua.

We took an overnight train to Bangkok and then another mini-bus to reach Cha-am.

We spent a little over a day getting some sun, swimming in the water, and wandering the streets.

Josh, of course, made friends with the local cats and invited one into our hotel room.

After Cha-am, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for our dogsitting job. Since we arrived a few days early we got a chance to do an "Escape Room" and practice some archery.

 After a few days of fun in malls we headed to the nearby suburb of Subang Jaya for our dogsitting gig.

Easily the best job we've ever had.

Apparently Mad Max lives here.

Can't stay away from those Asian motorbikes.

After a couple weeks bumming around, er I mean dogsitting, it was finally time for our trip home to America. We had an 18 hour layover in Guangzhou, China so we went into the city for a little bit.

Tai Chi in the park!

Soon enough we were back in the states where we stayed with my Aunt Marge in LA for a few days. Josh had never been there before so it was really fun to go see the touristy sites.

The Observatory

The Chinese Theatre
I spent some time with my family in Denver.

My 'rents

Me and my sis

Then I joined Josh in Austin, where he had been getting things ready for our Great American Road Trip. We stayed with our good friends Lauren and Mario who are incredibly cool people.

We can't thank you two enough for all you've done for us.

We stopped into Antler Creek Leather to pick up some cold weather gloves and when they heard about our upcoming motorcycle trip, they gave us really cool motorcycle bells. According to biker legends, a biker bell given as a gift increases it's power to protect a biker from evil road gremlins. It was really nice of them and we highly recommend them for any and all your leather needs.

We also had dinner with good friends from our previous job.

As I mentioned above, Josh and I are heading out on a Great American Road Trip. We're riding our motorcycles from Austin to Seattle, visiting the Grand Canyon and couchsurfing along the way. Check back soon for our next post about our adventures!