7th Anniversary in Vancouver, BC, Canada

For our 7th exciting year of marriage, we took a low-key (by our standards) trip to Vancouver. There we found tons of totem poles, ceremonial masks, and plenty of rain.

We're in a Magazine!

We're published writers now!

Photo Recap - Moto Trip: The Americas

Since we returned home, we've had a lot of requests from people for a summary of our favorite parts of the trip.

The Long Journey Home - Northern + Western USA - Moto Trip: The Americas

We continue our trip North up the East Coast. Then an unexpected email sends us west across the country in a week to set up our new home.

Home Is Whenever I'm With You - Southern USA - Moto Trip: The Americas

We make it back to the US and visit 3 museums, some family, and friends as we make our way through the Southern United States.

Gone Gone Gone - Argentina - Moto Trip: The Americas

Our entry into Argentina was our easiest border crossing yet.

Never Tire Of The Road - Chile - Moto Trip: The Americas

We entered Chile on January 16th and we immediately noticed a difference from Peru. Suddenly no one was trying to kill us on the road!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Peru - Moto Trip: The Americas

We entered Peru on December 27th to an inauspicious beginning.

Where the Sky Meets the Earth - Ecuador - Moto Trip: The Americas

Since this was our second trip to Ecuador (see the previous Ecuador post here), we didn't spend as much time exploring as we did in other countries we visited.