Halong Bay and exotic street food - Hanoi, Vietnam Part 2

A four hour bus ride from Hanoi brought us to the legendary Halong Bay.

Formaldehyde and Water Puppets - Hanoi, Vietnam Part 1

After a bus ride that took far longer than advertised, we made it to Hanoi.

Getting Historical in Hoi An/Hue, Vietnam

After an overnight bus ride that included dehyration, a fainting spell, and a skinned knee (perilous journey!); we finally made it to Hoi An.

Nha Trang, Vietnam - "Don't be lazy, be crazy"

Ponagar Cham Towers
Our next stop on the trip is Nha Trang, a city that feels like a mix of Saigon and Mui Ne.

Fun in the Sun in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sleeper bus to Mui Ne

 We left at about 7:30 am to meet our sleeper bus, which would take us on a five hour drive to Mui Ne, on the South-Eastern coast of Vietnam.

Arrival In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On top of the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City.  Yes those are clip-on sunglasses.  Deal with it.

We made it to Vietnam.  Finally...

Almost there...

In our last week here we've been trying to tie up all our loose ends, and see as many friends as we can before we leave.  We moved out of our house and stored or donated all of our possessions.  We also did as many "American" activities as we could, including going to a baseball game, and eating tons of American food like burgers, BBQ, and our favorite, Blackjack Pizza.