I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler - Colombia Part 2 - Moto Trip: The Americas

We continue our journey through Colombia by visiting drug mansions, wax forests, riding the Devil's Trampoline, and more.

Have Love Will Travel - Colombia Part 1 - Moto Trip: The Americas

We arrive in Cartagena Colombia and explore the North before heading for cooler climates in the mountains to the South to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary.

The Only Way Out Is Through - Costa Rica/Panama - Moto Trip: The Americas

We pass through Costa Rica and Panama on our way to the Stahlratte and our epic sailing adventure around the Darien Gap.

Run To The Hills - El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua - Moto Trip: The Americas

We ride through three countries over 2 weeks. 2 of them compete for the title of "murder capital of the world". Whoo!

I will share your road - Belize/Guatemala - Moto Trip: The Americas

We ride through Belize and Guatemala on our way to South America, encountering our toughest road yet, gear failure, and more.

2 months in - Moto Trip: The Americas

Thoughts and observations after 2 months on the road.

Burnin' Dinosaur Bones - The Pacific Coast - Moto Trip: The Americas

We follow the coast from Washington to San Diego, experiencing Americana at its finest.

Motorcycle Trip: The Americas

After two years and some change, we are back on the road - this time on a journey from our new home of Seattle down to the southern-most city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina.

Camping Spring 2017

The urge to go camping beats out the crappy weather, and we proceed to freeze our asses off.

Motorcycles in Comics: Tokyo Ghost

Continuing our Motorcycles in Comics series, I'd like to spotlight a great cyberpunk comic: Tokyo Ghost.