Motorcycle Trip USA

We load our possessions onto our motorcycles for an epic road trip from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA to start our new lives.

After returning to the US we decided to try living in a new city, someplace neither of us had been before. After some research, we decided on Seattle, Washington. The only valuable possessions we still had were our motorcycles, so after some quick tune-ups we fit what we could into our saddlebags and hit the road.

Johanna put in a lot of work researching a route for us, planning out the miles each day so that we wouldn't get too tired of riding. She also reached out to people on in each city to find places we could stay.

In the first day we drove from Austin to Lubbock, TX. While there we stayed with Phoenix and her son, who made us a welcome letter with candy included.

The next morning we set out for Albuquerque, New Mexico. When we entered New Mexico, the change in terrain was sudden and welcome.

That night we stayed with Leigha and her friends/family. We had a fantastic time and stayed up far too late playing xxx pictionary.

The next day we hit the road early for a long, cold drive to Flagstaff, Arizona where we got on famous Route 66.

Unfortunately we were unable to see the grand canyon due to freezing cold weather. After a much needed break in Flagstaff, we set out once again and rode to Las Vegas, Nevada where we stayed with Johanna's cousin Emily.

Suicide shift

We should get to eat here for free

Crossing the Hoover Dam

From Vegas we crossed through the desert into California and stayed with Matt and his fiancee in Lancaster. They took us to a nighttime pyrotechnic air show, which was the most patriotic thing we've ever been to.

Queen of the desert

Alien meat really does make the best jerky

The ghost town of Calico

The next morning Matt led us to a great winding road that ended at the Keene Cafe. After a great breakfast we parted ways and continued on to Fresno, where we stayed with Elizabeth. She took us all around the city and made a great tour guide.

Elizabeth's huge eyed cat

 The next day we rode out of Fresno and into Yosemite National Park. We rode throughout the park, and saw some amazing sights.

That night we stayed with Irene and Kevin, who took us to a local restaurant that had great burgers, and some interesting decorations.

The next day we were back on the road to Redding, CA. While there we visited the Sierra Nevada brewery and enjoyed a large variety of beers.

After that we headed into Oregon and stayed in Bend with Liana and her family. They made us delicious "Yumm Bowls" which we will definitely try and replicate. We had a great time spending hours talking with them about amazing places to visit.

The next morning we were on the road again and headed to Portland. There we spent two days exploring the city while we stayed with Heather and her family and discussed adventures around the world, as well as the finer points of international motorcycle travel.

Finally we hit the road again for our last day of the trip and rode to Seattle, Washington. As soon as we entered the state it started raining, so we pulled out our rain gear for the first time on the trip. Luckily it didn't last too long, although it did stay cold. We did discover that Washington rest stops offer free coffee, which Johanna took full advantage of.

Finally we made it to Seattle, and are happy to be off the bikes for a while. We are working on finding an apartment and exploring our new city. There is lots to discover here, so expect more updates about the PNW soon.

Bonus Section:
How much does it cost to ride across the country? If you manage it the way we did, not much at all:
2 motorcycles
3019 miles
10 places couchsurfed
$51.04 spent on lodging
$230.26 spent on gas
$397.97 spent on dining
$80.46 spent on miscellaneous

$759.73 total spent for two weeks on the road.