Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai!

After what turned out to be a 20 hour bus ride that never ended, we finally arrived in Chiang Mai. We quickly found our guesthouse which turned out to be an antique store (cool!) and set off to explore some before it got dark.

We spent a little over three weeks in Chiang Mai, and it really started to feel like home. Our guesthouse was pretty close to the Night Bazaar so we ended up eating a lot of delicious cheap food.

We also found some pretty great souvenirs.

We also explored the old city. Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 and was originally a walled city, but has since grown, although some of the original walls still stand in the old part of town.

Chiang Mai is also host to over 300 temples. We of course didn't see all of them.

Food was pretty amazing here too. You can find almost anything in Chiang Mai.

Southern Home Cooking: BBQ pulled pork, mac & cheese and mashed sweet potatoes

Burmese food
I especially liked the local specialty, Khao Soi.

So yum.

One day we took a scooter out and did the Samoeng Loop which was a little over 100km through the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing a baby helmet. I'm not kidding.

Another day we went to explore the 'Art in Paradise: Illusion Art Museum'. We got a lot of ridiculous photo opportunities.

I might need an exorcism.

There were also a lot of local events going on while we were there - a free jazz festival outside the eastern wall and the Chiang Mai flower festival, which sadly we missed since we left a day before it started. Based on the prep work though it's going to be beautiful.

We had a wonderful time in Chiang Mai, but we are happy to be moving on. Our next stop is the small coastal town, Cha-am in Southern Thailand. Beach time!

More optical illusion photos for your viewing pleasure: