2023 Moto Season Recap

After settling down again (for now) in the PNW, we spent the summer exploring our new backyard.

Baja (Part 3): Finishing Our 4th Great Adventure

We spend the winter doing our best to avoid the winter weather.

Baja (Part 2): Desert Drifters

We continue our journey down the Baja Peninsula, visiting towns new and old.

Baja (Part 1): Going Full Speed Is The Greatest Escape

We return to Mexico to spend the winter away from the cold and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

Sorry, not sorry, West Coast is the best coast

Due to a quirk in how our health insurance works, we needed to go across the US from the Canada border to the Mexico border in 2 weeks.

British Columbia (Part 2): Nature Overload!

We spend time practicing our off-road riding while appreciating the splendor of BC.

British Columbia (Part 1): Heading to the Yukon

We begin our exploration of British Columbia.

Hello Mountains

We visit another Canadian province as we move westward, Alberta - gateway to the Canadian Rockies!

Much Ado Aboot Nothing

We head west across the provinces, and realize how much we miss the mountains.

Return To A Larger World

After staying in one place for longer than we ever have, the call of the road has us on the move again.