On the road again

We're leaving to travel the world again!

Due to some recent unexpected circumstances, we have the opportunity to travel again.  This situation came about fairly suddenly, but we are flexible and quickly decided to go for it and live on the road.  Our plan is to travel the world for at least one year, hopefully more.  We immediately started selling most of our possessions, including our car.

It was a great car, and it will be missed.
Our amazing friend Lauren Bruce-Lund, who you may remember from our Ecuador trip (if you haven't read that post you really should), was nice enough to let us store our bikes and remaining possessions at her house.  We can't thank you enough Lauren!  On our last week in the US, we moved everything out of our house, and did what we could to take care of our bikes for their long stay in storage.

We are now experts at siphoning gas.  All you need is two pieces of hose, a gas can, and a breath mint for later.

We tried to fit in as many America/Austin things as we could, like eating at all our favorite restaurants, and visiting Texas landmarks.

The infamous UT Bell Tower, where Charles Whitman went on a shooting rampage in 1966

We also made sure to do as much hanging out with our Austin friends as we could before leaving.
Our awesome friends from work.  Johanna can't hide her sadness.

We start our new adventure on June 3rd.  Next stop: Paris, France.