Settling down (for now) in Seattle

Exploring our new city.
This post won't have a lot of words, but plenty of pictures. We've been spending our time exploring our new home of Seattle, Washington. We live in the Queen Anne neighborhood, where we found a very affordable apartment, and we're far enough away from the noise and craziness of downtown.

It's also a short walk across the bridge (first photo) to the Ballard neighborhood, which is full of great bars and restaurants.

We can also walk a short distance across another bridge to the Fremont neighborhood.

Johanna meeting Lenin.
The Fremont Troll

Fremont is known as the center of the Universe

There's also Gasworks Park, which has fantastic views of downtown with an old shutdown factory along the water.

We've been going out when we can and making new friends as we discover all the best places downtown.

If you haven't been yet, definitely come check out Seattle!