British Columbia (Part 2): Nature Overload!

We spend time practicing our off-road riding while appreciating the splendor of BC.

 It was a long drive out of the Yukon, but we finally began heading south again.

 We encountered numerous wildlife on the road, but luckily none of them were aggressive.

Muncho Lake


As we continued heading south the signs of drought became ever more apparent.

We stopped in Lillooet and rode out to the Terzaghi Dam. The locals had a sign up asking that everyone stay out, so we respected their wishes.

Zero is really loving off-road riding

Spotted Lake

We stayed in the Herald Provincial Park and explored the area thoroughly.

We then spent some time in Nelson, riding up mountains, admiring the graffiti, and eating tons of good food.


We stayed in a haunted cabin. If we touched this clown it would anger the ghosts. We never moved it, but it was somehow always in a new position.

We rode out to the ghost town of Sandon, which surprisingly had one of the best food trucks we've ever visited.

Gibson Lake

We've really enjoyed our time in BC, and can't wait to return.