A matroyshka van for our bikes

After a year of not getting to go anywhere due to the pandemic, we decided to buy a van. We wanted a vehicle that could take us along with our bikes further than we could go on our own. 

Only a week after we bought the van, we nearly lost it when a freak wind storm passed through, knocking down 3 massive trees that somehow landed on each side of the van, but didn't damage it.

After spending the winter modifying it with wool insulation, a roof fan, new flooring, and everything we need to live and work out of it, the van is finally complete. We recently took it out to the peninsula for a test run, and it worked perfectly.

Once parked, the bikes are quickly and easily unloaded with a step ramp and the van converts into a surprisingly comfortable base camp. We took a ride up to Wynoochee Lake and explored the dam and surrounding areas before returning for an evening of s'mores before the rain moved in.

The van worked even better than we expected, and we're looking forward to taking it on some longer trips this summer.