Camping across Washington - Part 2

After we got back from Costa Rica, we headed to the Olympic National forest to do some camping at Seal Rock Campground.

After taking the ferry early in the morning we stopped at an old train car diner before riding to the campground. Even with an unexplained traffic jam we arrived before check out time, and found it to be completely full.

Waiting in traffic

The campground doesn't take reservations, but we assumed we could get a spot if we arrived early. Sadly we were wrong. With heavy hearts and sore asses (we really need to get better seats), we headed back towards the small town of Quilcene. We checked several campsites along the way, but they were all shut down or full. We started worrying we would have to ride all the way home when Johanna spotted a tiny campsite located in Quilcene. It was completely empty and only $10 for the night. We quickly set up camp and changed out of our riding clothes.

Overlooking Dabob Bay

Enjoying ice cream at the Peninsula Food Store

After setting up our campsite we walked a few miles to Dabob Bay and enjoyed the water.

After walking back to town we had a great dinner at the Twana Road House and enjoyed some beers at our campsite.

The campground said no alcohol, so we had to be sneaky...
As the sun was setting, a group of riders from California rolled in who were on a two week trip up the coast. We ended up swapping stories and talking about motorcycle traveling all night. We got up early the next morning and headed home.

Contemplating the ride home

The overlook from the ferry loading zone

This bird never moved the whole time we were there

The next week we decided to try Seal Rock Campground again. This time we left even earlier. When we arrived the sign was out saying the campground was full. We decided to ignore it. We parked in the overflow lot and waited. As soon as we saw someone leave we found their campsite and claimed it. We quickly set up then started exploring the area.

We headed a mile down the road to the tiny town of Brinnon to have lunch at the Geoduck Family Restaurant. There I had one of the biggest burgers I've ever seen, while Johanna enjoyed a huge plate of Mussels.

If you've ever seen my tattoo, this will make sense

We spent the rest of the night enjoying nature and hanging out with our campsite neighbors. We had a great time and highly recommend Seal Rock Campground.

Two weeks later we headed to Diablo Lake, hoping to grab a spot at Colonial Creek Campground. We left home as soon as the sun came up, and made good time out there. Unfortunately even with 142 sites, the campground was completely full (this is becoming a theme).

Crotch break

We back tracked to the "town" of Marblemount, checking every campground along the way. They were unfortunately all full. When we got back to the town Johanna checked her phone and found a privately owned campsite called Cascade Islands Campground located a mile down a side road. We managed to secure a spot and let our friends Ty and Rachel know where we were.

They arrived soon after and we had a great time playing card games all night. It was a great way to close out our camping season.

We can't wait to go camping a lot more next season.