France by the Numbers

In our effort to show just how affordable travel can really be, we've kept a detailed spreadsheet of all our expenses.  We spent a total of 75 days in France, but only spent a total of $2,022.66 while there!  During our visit to France, one Euro was equal to $1.37 USD.  All amounts listed have been converted to USD.  Keep reading for a breakdown of our expenses:

We rode in 30 cars, 6 buses, 1 plane, and 28 trains to travel a total of 1,901.24 miles while in France.

$96.44 spent on FLIGHTS*
$752.51 spent on FOOD
$200 spent on LODGING
$391.61 spent on TRANSPORTATION
$582.10 spent on MISCELLANEOUS**

This means in France we spent an average of $26.96 per day.  Or $13.48 per person per day.  In addition, we won the July photo contest for, which awarded us an additional 100 euros, plus we did some additional phototography work independently.  However, no earnings are reflected in the above breakdown.

*Please note that the cost of airfare to get to/from France is not included in this breakdown, only airfare spent for in country flights. For a more thorough breakdown of all our expenses over the entire trip, click here.

**There were numerous miscellaneous charges that occurred in France we were not planning for, such as travel insurance, replacing a broken camera, etc.  Otherwise France would have been even cheaper.

We are on the road again, so keep checking back to see more of our progress.