Mexico Breakdown: Moto-Trip The Americas 2017/2018

We spent a total of 45 days in Mexico, and spent a total of $3,873.58 while there. While we were there, $1 USD was equal to $17 Mexican Pesos. Below is a breakdown of our expenses:

We rode a total of 4232 miles while in Mexico from Baja California to Quintana Roo and the Belize border.
$1,030.04 spent on FOOD/ALCOHOL
$767.52 spent on LODGING*
$425.40 spent on FUEL
$412.62 spent on MAINTENANCE/PARTS**
$678.74 spent on MISCELLANEOUS
$559.26 spent on TRANSPORTATION***

This means in Mexico we spent an average of $86.08 per day.  Or $43.04 per person per day. 

*We camped for 5 nights, and stayed in beds for 40 nights. Some of these were free, as were were hosted by friends.

**We needed a service done on the bikes, and also had to buy new Sena headsets, and have them shipped from the US, which offset the cost.

*** Mexico requires very high vehicle import fees, which are mostly refunded when you take the vehicle out of the country.

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