Return To A Larger World

After staying in one place for longer than we ever have, the call of the road has us on the move again.

Homeless and on the road again, for the 4th time in a decade. The build up to this felt long and arduous, but once we hit the road we slipped right back into it.  We need to keep moving. Maybe we can't stop.

We start by heading east across Washington. We'll miss the PNW. It's been good to us. But we've lived here on and off for 7 years. Maybe we'll be back.

As we move further east it gets hotter fast. We've lost our tolerance for high temperatures. This will be rough, but the only way is through.

We check the news when we can. The country has gone crazy. The highest court in the land has taken abortion rights from women. And they'll go further. More people and more guns, amid more climate disasters. Sounds like a real winning plan. This further assures us we've made the right choice.

We're in real "Cowboy Country" now. Things are good. Quiet. One night we narrowly escape a lightning strike while brushing our teeth. It suddenly rains so hard our campground is flooded. It's midday before even the bikes can make it out. We ride to town to resupply and hope the mud dries up enough for the van to leave. Luckily the locals are friendly.

Still heading east. Long hours of driving. But we're almost done with this section.

We make it to South Dakota to wrap up some loose ends. It's over 100 degrees. In June. We can't wait to escape the heat.

There's nothing left for us here, so we head North. Next stop: Canada.