Almost there...

In our last week here we've been trying to tie up all our loose ends, and see as many friends as we can before we leave.  We moved out of our house and stored or donated all of our possessions.  We also did as many "American" activities as we could, including going to a baseball game, and eating tons of American food like burgers, BBQ, and our favorite, Blackjack Pizza.

Pinball at 1up bar
Laura got us great seats at the Rockies game
Oakley, Laura, Tomasina, and Rich

We also attended Free Comic Book Day at Time Warp Comics in Boulder.  We spent several hours posing for photos with kids and parents who were in line to get in the store.
Johanna promoting Free Comic Book Day
Me with a tie fighter pilot and Dengar from The Empire Strikes Back
Marvel cookies
Umbrella Corp. Car
Jurassic Park Jeep
The Ghostbusters Car
It's been an exhausting week, and we leave tomorrow for our trip, which will take over 25 hours on 3 planes.  Hopefully we haven't forgotten to pack anything.  We're so excited, I doubt we will get any sleep tonight.