USA Breakdown: Moto-Trip The Americas 2017/2018

We spent a total of 103 days in the US, and spent a total of $13,762.99 while there. Below is a breakdown of our expenses:

We rode a total of 10,015 miles while in the United States.

$3,564.29 spent on FOOD/ALCOHOL
$775.98 spent on LODGING
$1,758.15 spent on FUEL
$1,994.65 spent on MAINTENANCE/PARTS
$2,449.81 spent on MISCELLANEOUS
$3,220.11 spent on TRANSPORTATION

This means in the US we spent an average of $133.62 per day.  Or $66.81 per person per day. 

*We camped for 21 nights, and stayed in beds for 82 nights. Some of these were free, as were were hosted by family/friends, and other nights we did pet-sitting.

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