Baja (Part 3): Finishing Our 4th Great Adventure

We spend the winter doing our best to avoid the winter weather.

After our adventure in San Javier, we continued our ride South, eventually making it to a small home in the desert outside of La Paz.

We spent a week here exploring the desert, and Zero had a whole pack of dogs to play with.

And the sunsets got better every day.

We then moved further south to the popular windsurfing town of El Sargento. We got an amazing vacation home for far cheaper than our rent in the US and spent a month relaxing and touring the area.

We then moved to La Paz for a month and enjoyed all the amazing restaurants and sights.

Eventually we grew bored and decided to start the ride back North. It was a long and arduous journey to the US border, but we managed to find things to enjoy.

After crossing the border back into the US, we spent a few days resupplying our gear before heading back to Washington. At one point we found ourselves camping at Fremont Peak State Park in California.

It was a great campsite and we had it to ourselves. But it snowed overnight and we had a rough, cold morning.

 Another night we found ourselves surrounded by Elk.

Finally we made it back to our beloved PNWET. We've already been exploring the mountains and are doing our best to stay off the paved roads as much as possible.