Summer 2013

We recently went back to Denver so we could pick up the rest of our stuff and move it back to Austin.  Sadly, a number of our favorite places in Denver were shut down while we were gone, but we did get a nice break from the Texas heat.

We also got to see our old dog Tilly.  And take humiliating photos of her.

On the way back our car broke the 100,000 mile mark.

We brought home all of our books.  Including all of Josh's graphic novels.  526 so far!

Our friend Lauren just bought her first bike:

And we just bought our second:

We've been riding around the city to all the unique restaurants, trying not to get too fat.

Gourdoughs, specializing in Donut related food:

Fried chicken on a donut. This is a heart attack waiting to happen.

A fried egg and gravy on a donut. OMG, so good.

The Hoffbrau, a great steak restaurant:

Happy Hour at the Salty Sow:

Brazilian food at Sao Paulo:

Of course, sometimes shit happens...

But we're still riding, and still keeping Austin weird.