Geekery ensues

We’re only two weeks from flying out and I can hardly contain my excitement. We’ve given our resignation letters to our employers, contacted our credit card companies, and we’ve moved almost everything out of our apartment. So close! The only thing that helps with the waiting are the cool things we get to do on the weekend. For example: this weekend we went to Starfest 2012, which was pretty much the geekiest thing to do in Denver. Our good friend Lauren came out from Austin with her new boyfriend Stephen and we had an awesome time walking around in spandex and taking tons of photos.  Check out some below:

Lauren and Stephen suiting up

Practicing poses

Robots in the RoboFest Room

Johanna with R2-D2
If you're wondering, Stephen is Bob of Hydra and Lauren is Lady Deadpool

With the robot from Lost In Space


The chestburster from Space Balls!

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Boba Fetts with Han Solo frozen in carbonite

With Lady Predator and Cortana from Halo


Lauren with Pinhead

Lauren with a Tauren from World of Warcraft

Edward Scissorhands

Josh with Bossk from Star Wars


Tron Iron Man

Mystique from X-Men

Barf from Space Balls

It was a great time, too bad we won't be around for it next year.