About Us

She's a time-tossed coffee-fueled vagrant with a winning smile and a take no prisoners attitude. He's a supernatural astronaut on a search for a fabled lost city and a decent cheeseburger. Together, they fight crime.
The first day of our motorcycle trip through Ecuador.  Thanks to Lauren Bruce-Lund for the photo.

We met in April of 2010 as roommates (thanks craigslist!), and became best friends over several months. Eventually we began dating, and in June 2011 we became engaged. Our Spider-Man themed wedding was held on December 3rd, 2011 in Las Vegas, where we were married by a wizard.

Our wedding party - thanks for the great photos Schmitty.

In 2012 we spent three months backpacking across South East Asia, exploring Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. In 2013 we took an amazing motorcycle trip through Ecuador. In June of 2014 we left the US to travel the world again, and didn't return until March 2015. Upon returning we loaded up our motorcycles and moved from Austin to Seattle. After 2 years here we're setting off on our biggest trip yet, motorcycling all the way to Argentina over the course of a year.

About Johanna

It is likely that traveling is in Johanna's blood. Growing up, she moved with her parents from LA when she was about 10, and then her family moved to Iowa for a few years, and then once more to Colorado in 1999 where she spent her teens and early twenties. After working at numerous odd jobs around the area, Johanna earned her degree in history and got a job in the Office of International Education at CU Boulder, which served to spur on her desire to travel the world.  Since then she has traveled to over 20 countries and has already spent a cumulative year on the road. On the road she is the trip planner/organizer, writer, and photographer.

About Josh

Josh was born in Alabama but grew up primarily in Vail, Colorado. His passion for skiing led him to open his own ski shop in Boulder, CO. After running the shop for six years he grew tired of the ski industry and the business and became a contractor for the EPA, doing both accounting and hazardous waste removal. He got his first bike in 2008, a decision that led to owning 6 more over the next few years. Marrying Johanna opened his eyes to long term traveling and now he can't get enough. On the road he acts as the accountant and mechanic.