Going Viking in Stockholm, Sweden

Day 77 of our trip and we were very excited to be traveling to another country, especially since neither of us had ever been to Scandinavia before.

We left early in the morning from Chloe & Simon's flat and in downtown Toulouse and walked the 1km to the aerobus stop which would take us directly to the Toulouse Airport for 5 euro. From there we took a British Airways flight to Stockholm with a stopover at Heathrow Airport in London. The flight was a little more expensive than what we were used to, but as always British Airways was quite posh, and we felt like we were travelling in luxury.

Here there be dragons

Once we arrived at the Arlanda Airport outside of Stockholm we grabbed our bags and set off in search of the 583 bus stop that would take us to Märsta where we could catch a pendeltag train to our airbnb in Stockholm and avoid the 75 sek fee the airport charges to travel to and from the airport directly by pendeltag. Since there were no signs inside the airport that pointed the way towards the bus we went to the SL information desk where we had to buy our 3 day public transportation passes anyways.  Despite the fact that they are 230 sek each ($35) it is a much better deal than paying per trip which is approx $8 each way from our airbnb to central Stockholm. While there we asked the information desk attendant the direction of the bus which she begrudgingly showed us. We jumped on the bus and were soon at our airbnb where we met our host for the next two nights, Ian. He kindly gave us a map and few restaurant options (we arrived around 5:30pm) and we headed off to explore Stockholm. Obviously we decided on hotdogs for dinner.

Hotdog vendors are cheap and plentiful in Stockholm

The next morning we woke up early since it was our only full day in Stockholm and we wanted to fit in as much as possible. 

We took the pendeltag to the central station and then walked along the canals to the Historiska Museet where they had a very interesting exhibit on the Vikings, which both Josh and I are fairly interested in.

A pair of skis from the Sami people

They also had a fairly fantastic "guldrumm" and an outdoor area where we could practice our archery.

Really glad we bought archery kits last year, the practice came in handy

Women's room

An impressive pimp cup

Just how the old gypsy woman said it would happen!

Afterwards we spent the rest of the day wandering around exploring Stockholm.

On our way back to our room we stopped by the grocery store for supplies for our 3 hour ferry ride the next day to Gotland where we'd be staying with a large Swedish family for a week. I was very excited to find a coke bottle with my name on it, probably one of the only places I'd ever find one.

Check back soon for our post on our workaway in Gotland, Sweden!