Fun in the Sun in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sleeper bus to Mui Ne

 We left at about 7:30 am to meet our sleeper bus, which would take us on a five hour drive to Mui Ne, on the South-Eastern coast of Vietnam.

The sleeper bus was far superior to any airplane we have ever been on.  The seats recline all the way back, and are generally pretty comfortable.  Besides the driver passing every vehicle he could, and barely avoiding multiple head-on collisions, we were even able to get some sleep.

Upon arriving we climbed off the bus and were instantly swarmed by people wanting us to stay at their hotel.  We followed a guy to the closest place, the Sand Dune hotel.  As he took us up the steps to show us a room, we were sure this would be far outside our price range, but he gave us a luxury suite for $10 a night!  You could easily retire here.

The view from our room.

Our roommate

You can't tell, but we are sweating buckets here.
After getting settled in, we went for a walk around the area to get our bearings.  We ended up finding a very interesting market, where Johanna found her favorite new drink.
A bottle of Whiskey with a cobra biting a scorpion's tail inside.  Johanna drank the whole thing.  And ate the scorpion.  Not the cobra.

Hopefully it's not windy.

Cats are good luck.

The next morning we headed out to find some coffee for Johanna.

Breakfast by the beach.

Then we decided to head to the ocean.  Here are photos of us looking incredibly pale and nerdy.

So... hairy.

Interestingly, we've noticed there is a huge Russian culture here, with tons of businesses displaying signs in Russian.

After a few days relaxing on the beach, we've decided to take a bus to Nha Trang next, which is another 5 hours away.  We'll post again as soon as we can.