Baja (Part 2): Desert Drifters

We continue our journey down the Baja Peninsula, visiting towns new and old.

After Guerrero Negro we entered Baja Sur. After following the MEX 1 south for a while, we took a hard turn west, passing through salt flats before ending up at the very small town of Bahia Asuncion.

We spent several days exploring the town and the coastline, but the town was so small it didn't even have any restaurants, so we got bored fairly quickly. Before long we were back on the road and made our way to San Ignacio.

We had to dodge this friendly donkey on the road in to San Ignacio. These things are deadly.

Zero had a great time meeting the other chihuahuas in town, and we enjoyed all the local restaurants.

After that it was onward to Mulege, or rather right outside of it where we stayed in a repurposed rv at Indie Park.

Then we followed the coast of the Gulf of California to the town of Loreto, one of the 2 "Pueblo Magico" towns in Baja, if you believe the marketing. It was one of the most touristy towns we've visited on this trip, and there was no shortage of overpriced restaurants to visit.

We got bored of the tourist scene and learned about San Javier, an old catholic mission about 25 miles into the mountains from Loreto. We quickly geared up and headed out.

The road turned out to be pretty intense, with 10 water crossings that we had to do both coming and going. One was the deepest we've ever done without drowning the bikes, and some were extremely shallow, but also incredibly slick with algae. There were parts of the road the had collapsed down the cliff-side, and near endless sharp curves. It was amazing.

When we finally made it, we explored the grounds of the old mission, then had a great breakfast before heading back.


Next up: Cacti! Beaches! Sand!