Baja (Part 1): Going Full Speed Is The Greatest Escape

We return to Mexico to spend the winter away from the cold and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

We hit the Mexican border and within an hour all our paperwork was done. After climbing back on our bikes we suddenly found ourselves in Mexicali. We're not fans of cities, especially border towns, so we filled up on fuel and quickly got out of there. We continued our ride south and things started becoming desolate.

Soon we found ourselves riding through the Salar heading towards some ominous clouds. In the summer this area can exceed 50* C, and it rains less than 7 days a year. This was apparently one of those times, as it suddenly began to pour rain on us. We stopped and zipped Zero in and continued on, getting soaked. But before we knew it, the rain stopped, and we were dried by the wind.

After nearly running out of gas we found a roadside mechanic who sold us some fuel. But he brought it out in old beer bottles. We were worried about destroying our engines, but the fuel never even backfired and we finally made it to San Felipe. After parking our bikes in the living room, we headed down to the beach and spent the next week exploring the town. 

We grew bored of the tourist scene in San Felipe and decided to move on.

Soon we were back on the coast and saw some amazing views. The trade-off for this was brutally strong winds that forced us to ride nearly sideways just to stay in our lane.

We eventually found a palapa on the beach and decided to camp for the night. It was a helpful shield from the wind, and we were treated to an amazing sunrise.

The next morning we packed up and continued on to Bahia de los Angeles. The road was long and empty, and the closer we got to the town, the more the road began to fall apart.

We arrived and quickly found the Princess Motel which welcomed bikers. We settled into our room and went down the road to have some of the best burgers we've ever had at the only place in town that was open. We finished the night with some tall cervezas and a great view.

The next day we spent the morning watching Zero play with the local chihuahuas before walking around the mostly empty town. We decided there wasn't much here for us and prepared to continue on the next day.

In the morning we hit the road and immediately disturbed a committee of vultures, scattering them into the air. After that it was a long ride back through the damaged road and south on the Mex 1. After a long day of riding we finally made it to Guerrero Negro, and the Halfway Inn. We got a great rate on a huge room and decided to stay and relax for a few days.

Next: Continuing south.