Motorcycle Trip Ecuador

After spending a three month stint backpacking through South East Asia, my husband Josh and I were more than ready to settle down for a bit; have a place of our own with a steady income, a comfy bed, and a Netflix subscription. Boringness. Normalcy. It sounded nice. We found stable jobs, together no less, and a place to live that wasn’t a grungy Asian guesthouse. And for a while it was nice. We ate pizza and Mexican food (practically unheard of in South East Asia) and re-acclimated to American life.… But then a familiar itch began again. Slowly, we began to realize how much we missed our life in that other world, the world often referred to by backpackers in Vietnam as “same same, but different,” and plans of another venture began to formulate.

Summer 2013

We recently went back to Denver so we could pick up the rest of our stuff and move it back to Austin.  Sadly, a number of our favorite places in Denver were shut down while we were gone, but we did get a nice break from the Texas heat.

Air Sex Championship 2013 (NSFW)

For Valentine's Day we went to the Air Sex Championships.  Clearly, we are the most romantic couple EVER!  We were up in the balcony, but still tried to film some of the best parts of it, until our camera died.  Anyway, enjoy some hilarious air sex, and as the title says, this is probably not safe for work.